Tirol Kliniken: Modern LED lighting as an important pillar of sustainable energy management

Energy savings up to 50 %

Project benefits at a glance

  • Around 6,000 new LED luminaires for the Innsbruck Regional Hospital
  • Power consumption for lighting cut by up to 50 percent
  • Cost savings of up to 50 percent taking relamping into account
  • Improved quality of light in the various application areas
  • Simple installation and mounting with low maintenance complexity


Project infos

  • Innsbruck, Austria, 2019
  • Customer: Tirol Kliniken
  • Project: Innsbruck Regional Hospital, conversion to LED lighting
  • Vertical: Facility management – health sector
  • Application: Lighting of hospitals and clinics
  • Technology: LED technology
  • Products: LED Panel 625, LED Panel 1200, LED Damp Proof, LED Downlight



Sustainable energy management is a top priority at Tirol Kliniken. For this reason, lighting at the Innsbruck Regional Hospital is successively being upgraded to LED lighting. Modern LED luminaires from LEDVANCE are also being used as part of the project, and to date around 6,000 units. The new, energy-efficient LED luminaires not only ensure a higher quality of light in the various hospital areas but also energy savings of up to 50 percent. The hospital also benefits from simple luminaire installation and low maintenance needs.


State of the art medicine in the heart of the Alps—the motto under which the regional hospitals of Tirol Kliniken in Innsbruck, Hall and Hochzirl-Natters take care of around 120,000 inpatients and 1.1 million outpatients each and every year. Not only competent staff, but also the latest state of technology and the rapid implementation of innovative processes make Tirol Kliniken an international center for cutting-edge medicine and the backbone of Tyrolean health care.

Medical care at the highest levels though goes hand in hand with high energy requirements: In 2017 alone the hospitals consumed as many gigawatt hours of power as 13,000 four-person households, making them one of Tyrol's largest energy consumers.

As a consequence and as part of a comprehensive energy management strategy, Tirol Kliniken are planning to gradually reduce its fossil share of total energy consumption compared with the base year 2013: By seven percent to 2020, by 25 percent to 2030 and by as much as 50 percent to 2050. This ambitious strategy will be implemented via various construction projects and energy efficiency measures. For energy efficiency with regard to electricity, the expansion of LED lighting for the supported locations will be one of the measures taken.


The hospital's own technical service centers successively converted the lighting of the regional hospitals in highly diverse areas from halogen lamps and fluorescent tubes to more energy-efficient LED lighting as early as 2016. As part of this, around 6,000 LEDVANCE luminaires with LED technology have since been installed at the Innsbruck Regional Hospital—including LED Panel luminaires, Damp Proof luminaires and LED Downlights. The luminaires are used, for example, in the corridors of the central supply building, in the underground garage of the gynecological and head clinic, the plant room and the elevator areas and confidently prove their worth in such applications. They not only provide more intense, homogeneous light, but also energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to their predecessors. Heat dissipation is also significantly lower, which has enabled a reduction in the use of cooling systems.

"We choose LEDVANCE LED luminaires because the
price-performance ratio was good and the delivery times
for these technologically advanced products were very

Patrick Hörhager, Energy Manager at Tirol Kliniken

"We choose LEDVANCE LED luminaires because the price-performance ratio was good and the delivery times for these technologically advanced products were very short. The selected luminaires are not only much more energy-efficient and generate a much brighter and more uniform light than traditional lighting, they're also easy to install and significantly reduce maintenance complexity," summarized Patrick Hörhager, Energy Manager at Tirol Kliniken.

The upgrading also makes sense in the long term: Refurbishing the lighting system means that it does not need to be replaced over a long period because the new LED luminaires have a service life of up to 50,000 hours (L70/B50). This saves further costs.


The new luminaires from LEDVANCE increase the quality of light in the various areas of the Innsbruck Regional Hospital. Dark corners are now a thing of the past.

LED lighting in Tirol Kliniken

In the underground garages of the gynecological and head clinic, the Medical Center and Surgery West for example, the former luminaires equipped with either one 58 watt or two 36 watt fluorescent tubes were replaced by new 30 watt LED Damp Proof luminaires. Due to their robust design with an IP65 protection rating and IK08 impact resistance these are not only ideal for use in damp and dusty environments, but their beam angle of 105 degrees also ensures uniform light in 4,000 Kelvin neutral white.

The resulting homogeneous illumination of the underground garages has met with positive feedback, especially from the employees. "We currently have a female quota of 70 percent. It was accordingly important to us that our female colleagues feel safer, especially in the corridors and underground garages of the hospital, thanks to the uniform illumination," explained Hörhager.

New LED Panel luminaires (1200mm, 33 watts) for the widespread grid ceilings also immerse the dining hall in a light perfectly matched to the various requirements. The new luminaires thus replace conventional louver luminaires equipped with two 28 W or 36 W fluorescent tubes. The Panels thus not only provide uniform, wide-area general lighting in a pleasant neutral white, but their good color rendering (CRI>80) also supports a visually appealing display of the various dishes—after all, food is also a feast for the eyes.

In the checkout and serving areas on the other hand, employees benefit from a high level of visual comfort, achieved by the Panels with a very good glare reduction value (Unified Glare Rating <19) according to currently valid standards for the illumination of workplaces. LED Downlights (25 watts), 4000 K with a wide beam for general lighting are also used in this area.

LED lighting in Tirol Kliniken

The corridors and elevator areas of the central supply building (ZVG) as well as the surgery elevator center (CHA) were equipped with new square (625 x 625 mm) and rectangular LED Panels (1200 mm) and LED Downlights. These replace the traditional specular louver luminaires with either two 58 watt or three 36 watt fluorescent tubes. Thanks to diffuse light distribution with a wide beam angle, the new luminaires generate very uniform light and thus aid orientation, as nodes such as elevator areas are additionally emphasized. To make those corridors that lack natural light brighter and more friendly, they were repainted in a white tone that more strongly reflects the artificial light.

In terms of energy efficiency the LEDVANCE luminaires have also lived up to their promise, cutting electricity costs for lighting in the respective application areas by up to 50 percent. The electricity meter in the underground garage of the gynecological and head clinic provides specific figures: Savings here are around 150,000 kWh/a, which has been further optimized by zone presence detectors.

Patrick Hörhager finally added: "Our energy strategy is based not only on large-scale measures but also on many smaller activities that can be implemented quickly and simply. An important component here is conversion of the lighting to LED technology. Within the framework of statutory procurement directives we also place our trust in LED luminaires from LEDVANCE, which now make their contribution to a sustainable reduction in electricity consumption."


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