Project benefits at a glance

  • Technology in service against the pandemic
    Due to COVID-19 context, the demand for disinfection solutions is rising dramatically. LEDVANCE UV-C-based disinfection solutions meet these demands. In fact, the germicidal effect has been known for decades and is used in the medical field, in water treatment, in the food industry, and so on.
  • UV-C lamps are effective against viruses
    The UV-C radiation, especially at the wavelength of 265nm, alters the DNA or RNA structure of microorganisms, and thus prevents their replication. The installation of UV-C solutions in a given location is very simple to perform but must be accompanied by safety measures.


Project info

  • Molsheim, France, 2020
  • Customer: LEDVANCE Molsheim
  • Project: UV-C lamps installation at LEDVANCE Molsheim
  • Application: Office lighting
  • Technology: LED
  • Products: UV-C T8 30W, LINEAR HOUSING

The pandemic situation and the fact that LEDVANCE employees in the logistics department cannot work in their home offices has accelerated the installation of LEDVANCE UV-C lamps, especially in sensitive locations such as the canteen, break rooms and medical service area. In addition, LEDVANCE wanted to optimize the hygienic measures to reassure the employees and to provide them with the feeling of safety.


At the LEDVANCE company canteen, 23 LINEAR HOUSING equipped with UV-C T8 30W lamps were installed. The logistics break rooms, the first aid stations in the warehouse and the medical service area were also equipped with LINEAR HOUSING and UV-C lamps. The treatment based on LINEAR HOUSING with UV-C lamps is carried out in 30-minute cycles, several times a day, without human presence in the room. It is started up once the room is empty of any occupants and by using a keyed control box (only qualified persons have access to this). These LEDVANCE UV-C lamps have a concentrated ultraviolet emission at 253.7 nm to allow disinfection of exposed surfaces and of the air. The facilities are sized to deliver an average dose of 290 J/m² on the ground allowing 99.9 % elimination of SARS-CoV-2 and 90 % of most viruses and bacteria listed by biological laboratories.                        

The special glass of these lamps prevents the emission of radiation at 185 nm which are mainly responsible for the formation of ozone in the room. LINEAR HOUSING are equipped with a presence detector and an activation time delay. This system provides additional security because in case of movement detection, UV-C emission is immediately stopped. This is a matter of safety because UV-C radiation is dangerous for humans and generates risks for the skin, but also for the cornea and the retina after a few minutes of exposure at a short distance. A dedicated information has also been provided to all employees so that they understand the be-nefits of UV-C and to make them aware of the dangers of exposure to these same rays. 


Correctly sized, these UV-C solutions, in addition to the usual protective measures (reinforced cleaning, keep distance, mask wearing etc.), make it possible to inactivate viruses such as SARS-COV2 with a very high level of efficiency and thus enhance the safety of employees at their workplace. In addition to other safety measures and increased cleaning efforts, the employees of the company feel reassured, and these measures allow for business continuity with a sense of optimism. 


LINEAR HOUSING with LEDVANCE UV-C lamps ensure the treatment of air and surfaces. By reaching all exposed surfaces, UV-C radiation is an excellent complement to cleaning and manual disinfection of surfaces. The installation has been arranged to target, in particular, the most used and frequented areas, for example beverage dispenser control buttons. After the disinfection cycle, the air and all exposed surfaces are treated. 

Type C ultraviolet radiation, which has a spectrum with a wavelength between 200 and 280 nanometers and commonly named UV-C, are known to be extremely effective against viruses and other germs. The Lighting Union underlines in its press release of May 15th, 2020 that ‘From a health point of view, this is good news because UV-C will participate in the fight against Covid-19’. LEDVANCE UV-C solutions respond to current health issues.



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