When every detail counts, the light also has to be superior in every respect. LEDVANCE LED Strips Superior Class are impressive for their quality of light, energy efficiency and durability. They are therefore ideal for exclusive flagship projects and all other highly demanding lighting tasks.

For inspirational lighting solutions in ambient, cove and general applications there are various light colors from warm white to daylight white, as well as a wide range of luminous fluxes. Particularly high values for color rendering and color consistency make LEDVANCE LED Strips Superior Class the first choice specifically for prestigious construction projects, luxury retail outlets and industry. Even for major projects in which durability and efficiency are prime considerations you need look no further than these high-end products. Not only do they comply with demanding safety standards and the requirements of multiple approval authorities, they also last a very long time – up to 60,000 hours. LEDVANCE provides a five-year guarantee for its LED Strips Superior Class.



There are jobs where the best is only ever just good enough. For your most demanding lighting jobs you should choose the LEDVANCE Superior Class. The products in this range offer high levels of durability and reliability. They also have impressive color rendering and homogeneity. Do you have special requirements for indoor or outdoor applications? The LEDVANCE Superior Class delivers.


LED Strip Category VSUPERIOR Close Up Ambient Lighting Waterfall protected

Do you need an exceptional eye-catcher? Thanks to their high IP67 rating, the LED Strips Superior Class can be used to create stunning lighting scenarios, as shown here with this protected version. At the sides of this water wall LEDVANCE LED Strips Superior Class with 3,000 K, 500 lm/m and IP67 have been placed within a wide profile. The cover offers additional spray protection and enhances the lighting effect on the water.


LED Strip Category SUPERIOR Close Up Cove Lighting Shop

Brilliant good looks: Merchandise is displayed to best effect by indirect neutral white cove lighting equipped with LED Strips Superior Class. High-quality luxury goods and designer products will sell better in the premium lighting that they deserve. Along the back wall LEDVANCE LED Strips Superior Class with 4,000 K, 800 lm/m and IP00 provide homogeneous illumination in a shallow profile with a diffuse cover.


LED Strip Category SUPERIOR Close Up General Lighting Ceiling

As bright as day: With their high luminous flux and daylight white 6,500 K color temperature, LED Strips Superior Class on ceilings and walls produce energizing and neutral general lighting for large spaces such as shopping malls and industrial buildings. LEDVANCE LED Strips Superior Class with 6,500 K, 2,000 lm/m and IP00 can be used with appropriate drivers to create long-run strip lighting that provides optimum illumination. Their durability and low maintenance make them ideal for large high-ceiling spaces.


LED Strip Category SUPERIOR Close Up Cove Lighting TW (WW)

There are many white light colors in each Tunable White (TW) LED Strip. A controller allows users to dynamically adjust the color temperature to suit their needs, from coldwhite, activating 6,500 kelvin to warm-white, cozy 2,700 kelvin. This not only increases the range of applications but can also contribute to personal well-being. Excellent color rendering of over CRI 90 and various types of protection for indoor and outdoor lighting (IP67) add to the options.

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